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Franko's Magic Bus Ride.... | Thu 24 Nov 11

by Franko Heke, Auckland

If you are looking for the slickest, biggest and most luxurious ride in town, auckland party bus company chimes in and changes the game with their brand new VIPer Bus!! A blacked out coach that has been striped of all regular seating for a bar, dancefloor, dj booth, plasma screens, party lights & a comfy white leather couch that runs along the whole perimeter....SICK!! 


So when they offered myself & Snapstar a blat around town in it with 30 or so of our mates I jumped at the chance to do something different! Not to mention that it was also my birthday on the strike of midnight that night AND the destination was Adam Bennett's Fiesta Del Sol. ;-O



So we all met up at Auckland's spectacular No.1 High St for pre-drinks put on by Russian Standard Vodka, Moet & Ti Tonics. Throw 5 hand fulls of sexy girls into the mix with (not to many) hot blooded blokes then shaken up with the incomparable hosts Ben Baker & Gerard Barton you get slightly scared, apprehensive & excited all at the same time that this night you're about to embark on could ACTUALLY be the best night of your life. 



By only 3:30 pm we are a few shots in when we hear screeching brakes then gasps from up shortland & high st of OMG!! Sure enough our ride had arrived! We said thanks to the lovely bartenders, applied our party vision goggles grabbed a girl (or 3) then proceeded to see what was waiting before us. As we approached this party enterprise the air thickened with jealousy from all directions. Hey if I wasn't me i'd be jealous too! (haha) 



Do I REALLY need to continue?? Just look at the photo's!! 


And if you are interested in having a party bus at your next party look no further


- Franko ;-)