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Personality of the Week: Justin Sane | Thu 12 Apr 12

by SnapStarLive , NA



Personality of the week. This is a series of weekly interviews with different people from the world of  entertainment, fashion, PR and more. Every week we will bring to your attention most exciting stories from people, who are behind your favorite events, who make the entertainment scene what it is. 

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Justin Sane. An award Winning DJ, Producer, Radio Host - Justin Sane - can be found each weekend at venues and events the country wide doing what he loves for a living….. Making over 25,000 New Zealanders per week dance!


Justin it's always hard to catch up with you, as most of the time you are away touring in different cities around NZ. Tell us about your recent trips?

Far too many to mention, but its great to see such a thriving party scene everywhere from Whangarei to Invercargill! I'm so lucky to get travel the country on a monthly basis! This coming weekend (13th/14th April) I'm on-tour with J Williams in Gisborne on Friday night at Shipwreck, driving back Saturday for the late set (11-3am) at the Long Room in Auckland and then fly back to Christchurch on Monday/Tuesday for the Erin Simpson show. Not much time for beauty sleep at the moment!

Busy schedule! How do you find time for all the other projects? 

Trying to cram them in-between everything is really challenging. Wednesdays and Thursdays usually consist of catching up and making some fresh new remixes ahead of the weekend traveling! I love flying though, its exciting and a great way to go to work! Haha!


This weekend is your 250th Party Hard show on the Edge, with over 25,000 New Zealanders tuning in each week. This is  a serious accomplishment, congratulations! 

Great to have such fantastic support 5 years on… Got quite a few big new tunes to drop and premiere, excited to see how they go down with all the listeners! 


Apart from the radio work, you do quite a bit of work on TV, most recently with the Erin Simpson show. What is it like for a DJ to be involved with TV productions?

It's a little different to the clubs with terms of format, hopefully the kids enjoy it – its all about them! I'm DJ of the month for the rest of April (weekdays at 4:30pm on TV2), its great to be able to reach a whole new younger audience! I'm sure I look like a bit of a idiot on there sometimes, face for radio and all lol!


You produce a lot of remixes for NZ musicians, what is your process behind remixing a track? Any particular tunes you'd like to share with fans?

Its a case of finding tracks that inspire me from the many fantastic NZ (and international) musicians. They send me the stems and then I come up with my own fresh take on an already great song! Most recently I've finished remixes for Dane Rumble, Massad and Pieter T – with tons more in the pipeline. I've also been busy diversifying my own sound recently and think people will be quite surprised with the new stuff coming from my camp!


You recently teamed up with California's Spadez and Seanzy for a remake of their song 'All I Wanna Do', how did that come about?

Amazingly I stumbled across their song randomly whilst reading some music blogs, it had one of the best choruses I'd heard in a long time so I tracked them down and we collaborated for a fresh 2012 edit of their song.


Anyone in particular you look up to in the music scene?

Internationally I have huge respect for David Guetta and Calvin Harris, they would be the producers I idolise the most. Locally I'd give big shouts to Dane Rumble, J Williams, K-One, Massad, Mikael Wills and Kyle Bourke.  


What would be Justin Sane's ultimate DJ dream?

Perform at Amnesia in Ibiza alongside LMFAO, David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Skrillex – one day if I'm lucky!!


Lastly, can you tell us one interesting fact about your career or yourself in a Twitter friendly 140 characters or less?

Once upon a time I was in the British Army but these days I much prefer making music… WAR!! huh, yeah.. What is it good for?