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Personality of the Week: Jupiter Project | Wed 04 Apr 12

by SnapStarLive , NA
Personality of the week. This is a series of weekly interviews with different people from the world of  entertainment, fashion, PR and more. Every week we will bring to your attention most exciting stories from people, who are behind your favorite events, who make the entertainment scene what it is. 

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Jupiter Project.  Jupiter Project is the collaboration of vocalist Correia and music producer Marty Rich. The group has a refreshing sound encompassing genres like indie rock, alternative hip-hop and electronica, gaining comparison to the likes of N.E.R.D, Theophilus London and Phoenix. 

Guys, how did you come up with the bands name?
Marty:  The name Jupiter Project kind of came to us spontaneously from thin air. Like some kind of quantum entanglement. Some people say it’s a cult name related to astroarcheology. Some think it’s a sci-fi reference. Some think it’s related to the famous Jupiter retro-synth. Some people think it sounds strange and that’s cool with us :) We’re happy people think about us at all!
You met in 2009 at a party, tell us about your musical careers before you've met?
Marty:  Well I’m actually from Perth, Australia and have been producing music since I was 14. I mainly produced hip hop and RnB for several years before delving into other kinds of production. But I was making music in my project studio when I met Gavin. And that’s when Jupiter Project was born.  

Gavin: I used to sing in the shower when I was a kid but I was waaaay too shy to ever share it with anyone. Then I started playing guitar when I was 13 and that was when I really fell in love with music. I played in a couple of bands in high school (and still jam/collaborate with some of those guys) and then started experimenting with different sounds at college and eventually knew which style of music I wanted to create. I guess I was just fortunate to have met Marty, cus right from the start we hit it off, but it was really cool cus we could bring different skills and styles to the table.
There was a lot of interest to your group from the US and you have even worked with Rebel Rock Entertainment (Grammy award winning studio). How did that all come around?
Marty: We like to always put out our music on the internet, to test and get objective opinion from listeners. We didn’t expect much from it but our songs quickly gained momentum and attention online last year. This led to these amazing producers contacting us to work together. Many US blogs, online mags and listeners have adopted Jupiter Project. It’s pretty awesome that people around the world can now easily support and appreciate music regardless of location.
How would you describe your style and what influences your music the most?
Marty: Our style is kind of an eclectic mix of genres. It’s really hard to fit in a box. We’re not hiphop, rock or electronic, but we use elements from each style. Music these days has become so much more universal, and we think that’s awesome. Mixing genres and creating something new is what you can expect from Jupiter Project. We hope to always keep that aspect of our music.
Life is our biggest influence. We really just write about what’s going on in our lives and that tends to resonate with people going through similar motions. Our music is generally fun and upbeat, which really describes our college life. But we’ve been writing a lot more 'crazier' music lately, which somewhat resembles our lives at the moment.

Congratulations on the release of your new music video! Great work! Must have been an amazing experience for both of you working on the set?
Gavin: Thanks so much! We've had really good feedback and that makes us really excited to put in even more work for our next one. We were really lucky to have an amazing team around us; not to mention all our friends who turned out to help us out - definitely couldn't have done it without them! The set was crazy and super hectic (we had a lot to fit into one day of filming) but was really fun at the same time. There was a lot of good energy on set and I think that translates through to the viewer.
I'm sure there was a lot of support along the way, anyone you can point out in particular?
Gavin: There are so many people who have played an important part in our journey so far. Especially our families and friends. Honestly our listeners have been our biggest support. We truly appreciate anyone that has listened to our music and has cared enough to share, buy or support Jupiter Project in any way. 

When can your fans expect a debut album and how is it coming along?
Gavin: Things have been shaping up nicely but all good things take time! :-) We're currently working on a short EP that people can expect out in a few weeks. We're really excited to be able to share this with our supporters and it'll include a bunch of other cool stuff like music videos, photos and amazing artwork (we have very talented/artsy friends haha). At the same time, we're still working on our debut album. We've got about half of it written and recorded already so we're off to a good start. We take pride in putting together good quality work so people definitely have something good to look forward to in the release of the EP and the album! We're hoping to get the album done for summer.
Lastly, it's very important to have a big dream, something worth getting up for each morning and working hard. Can you share it with your fans?
Gavin: Absolutely. That's something we live to share with our listeners because at the end of the day, we're just two regular guys who want to achieve a goal that gives us fulfillment. Something that makes the hard times worth it. I think everyone can relate to that because everyone has their own dream in some shape or size. The themes of having a dream, working hard/struggling/making inroads have found their way into our songs so people will be able to listen to them and say "Hey, I kinda get where they're coming from"
Catch Me - Jupiter Project