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Personality of the Week: Michelle Yvette (Fashion Designer) | Wed 28 Mar 12

by SnapStarLive , NA

Personality of the week. This is a series of weekly interviews with different people from the world of  entertainment, fashion, PR and more. Every week we will bring to your attention most exciting stories from people, who are behind your favorite events, who make the entertainment scene what it is. 

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Michelle Yvette. Michelle Yvette is an acclaimed New Zealand Fashion Designer specialising in high end women’s wear and Bridal/Formal Couture. Michelle has dressed numerous stars for events that range from red carpet premiers to high profile weddings.


Michelle Yvette Showroon

90 Queen Street (Blackett's Building),Level 3

(Corner of Queen Street/Shortland Street) 


Michelle, first of all congratulations on opening your new showroom! Tell us more about that!

Thanks, we all had such a fun night! It was such a great vibe, so relaxed, smooth running and we had a great bunch of people turn up. The place was brimming! The night consisted of entertainment by Rhythm and Rose, amazing vocalist! (check out the photos) We then had a catwalk show and after everyone mixed and mingled before moving on to the after party at No.1 High St where I launched my signature cocktail. You have to try it! So yum!!

We had some great sponsors on board like Invivo wines (actually the best Sauvignon Blanc I have tried) Perrier water, still & sparkling, very glam wee green bottles, and my long-time supporters Kapiti ice cream! Such a great mix of brands that I have the pleasure of working with.

The evening was dedicated to showing our customers, friends and media the new retail experience we have created. We were so lucky to find this amazing space and I have put my love of European interiors to work and beautified the place with crystal chandeliers, large gold gilt framed mirrors and ample curtain drapery. Not to mention a range of gorgeous dresses to ogle over.

We wanted to create a space where every customer loves to come to and feels special in. Now we are creating Bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses and formal wear on top of our usual collections. I wanted to ensure the space matched the special vibe around the whole planning of glamorous events. I think we executed it pretty well. Your all welcome to come and see for yourself though.


Traveling back  in time- how did you get started? What  made you decide you wanted to be a designer?

Like many success stories I stared in my basement at home, designing my first collection. I was the designer, the patternmaker, the sewer, the model,  the sales woman, the production manager etc etc! Jack of all trades really! I have always had so much drive and ambition to succeed so I just worked my butt off and got out there and did it. When the going got tough (which it did many times) I just ploughed on through.

I have always been into art and design my whole life and as I got older my growing love of fashion turned my artistic ability into a career. And here I am!

For anyone in fashion - showcasing the latest garments at the Fashion Week is a pretty big deal, would it be the highlight of your career so far? What else career wise makes you very proud?

Yeah, sure. It was and still is a big deal but once you reach that milestone you always want more naturally. I always have high expectations of myself and I am a super hard worker to get what I want.

I love being involved in NZ Fashion Week and it was something I always dreamed about during my years at University. I intend to continue to be involved in the coming years but I also have my sights set off shore.

Other things in my career that make me proud are just the simple things. I love when I am out talking to people and they know of the brand, it is such a satisfying feeling for some reason. When I was growing up and people would ask what I wanted to be I would always reply ‘famous’ haha. But not for all the shallow reasons, I just want to be that good at something, fame is secondary and possibly the down side of success.  


How would you describe New Zealand fashion at the moment?

Same as I always have, and I always say that NZ is rather full of conservative dressers. I was in my element last year during my trip through Europe. The fashion is mind blowing. But sadly in NZ most people need a reason to dress up. When I see children on the street wearing Superman or fairy costumes I think, why can’t adults have the same mentality as that! Not that we should wear costumes daily but if you want to wear a pretty dress and high heels to the office then do it. God forbid people might look at you and think “she looks gorgeous, well done getting dressed this morning!”


And your personal "Michelle Yvette" Style?

Glamour! Every girl needs it, every girl wants it so don’t be afraid to go out and get it! The Michelle Yvette signature style is pretty and colourful with glamorous detailing like a touch of Swarovski crystals. Timeless elegance.


To come up with all the awesome stuff that you design, something (or someone) must inspire you. Perhaps you could share your secret?

Now that would be telling ;) No, honestly, I just go out searching for fabrics, trims and things that shine and then I usually drape them straight onto the mannequin. Ideas just come to me as I go. I don’t really follow the latest fashion fads too closely, although I am aware of what is happening around the globe, which I guess influences me indirectly. I just love what I do and generally when you love something you are good at it.


Finally, what can we expect from Michelle Yvette in the near future?

Well, I have some very, very exciting news for cast for this year, which is just brewing at the moment. I am focusing on projects off shore right now, which could really help to boost my profile around the globe. Here’s hoping it all pans out. Watch this space.