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N.Z. Fashion Festival Collection 2 | Wed 29 Feb 12

by Bianca Fallon, Auckland

TRESsemme and Mac hair and makeup teams delivered a great runway look tonight, their were two makeup looks on show this evening with the models foundation more illuminant with slashes of green eye shadow on the eye lids and a foundationed lip with clear gloss over the top or a nude eye with hot pink lips.

The hair was slicked back from the face and was tasseled down the female models backs which complimented the first lot of garments out onto the run way.

Alarobe gave us floor length sweeping bridal dresses that were very ethereal and dreamy, they flowed along the runway with complimenting veils, a colours palette off white, soft yellow and silver grays with features of rose belts, bows, shoulder frills and sequins. It was all very feminine but more of a Spring and summer range rather than the Autumn that I expected. 

Who's Henry is a range that would be suitable for the races, schools balls, your cocktail party or as formal wear to an event.
The ballon dress in velvet would certainly be an eye catcher and a also the heavy black lace cocktail dress with an ample satin waist belt stood out along with stockings that were opaque leggings from the front and sheer at the back with a seam down the sides of the leg, very clever.
I loved the beautifully cut black velvet shoulder cape and a stunning black velvet jacket put together like a big cloud reminiscent of an 16th century design, it would certainly last in your wardrobe for years.
The final look out for Who's Henry was a statement top in vertically stitched gold and silver sequins that just seemed to drip down off the fabric teamed with black satin side ankle rouched pants would suit any age group and finished their collection well. 

Farmers Designer Brands delivered two collections that had an assortment of pieces in primary colours of red, green and blue t-shirt dresses, black and whites, knit wear dresses also featured and lots of accessories were on show such as clutch bags, belts, hats and scarfs.
This look is what we would expect from Farmers and I noticed that the mature ladies in attendance were nodding with approval.
Farmers is not the place a die hard label conscious shopper would stop in but if you have not been in their in a while don't be to scared their buyers have begun to source a good range of middle to high end labels in quality fabrics that are more fashion conscious to cater for all age groups. They also have a fully stocked accessories area with stockings, pantyhose, socks, and leggings, hand bags, evening bags, jewellery, gloves, scarfs and hats at reasonable prices. 

Whiri showed the same collection that I saw at New Zealand Fashion Week last year of Aztec prints in green and purple and the stand out pieces were her jeans with PVC patches on the knee, it is a bit disappointing for me as I do enjoy the Whiri range and I had to remind myself that this is a public show but I am not going to write about this collection again when I could just cut and paste :)    

Some of the ranges that were shown were very conservative and it seemed a bit odd to me as these garments are meant for an older market and did not work on the young looking models wearing them, it just didn't look like a good fit and it was not flattering to the garments. I get that it would not be cost effective for NZFF to have a different set of mature models available and a model should be able to make any outfit look great but perhaps NZFF could take a chance next year by grouping all of the conservative labels together for a more mature market, another show could be for bridal, cocktail and evening wear shows, and a street wear show so that the consumers could purchase tickets to fashion shows that are more suitable for their buying tastes rather than two labels they love and really want to see and five they would not even look at, which must have been happening as the people seated in the second row behind me weren't even interested in some of the collections until fashion power houses Nom'D and World came on, last of course.    

Nom'D was what the fashion followers were looking forward to with garments in slate gray, black, olive greens with their lines very masculine and straight up and down, and lengths very long for tops, jackets and flowing rain coats. Nom'D  showed a perfect gray cashmere wool trench coat with detailing on the cuffs, pockets and belt, this would be a very smart staple piece for winter. PVC featured and a black waist coat with a lace back.

But the winners for tonights show are World which gave us the stand out fashion piece of the night. A structured high waisted jacket with long sleeves in white with a red floral pattern, this piece stood out because of the gorgeous fabric points that shot skyward like two little devils horns on your shoulders, I loved it, I want it.
There was also an eclectic mix of smart pinstriped office wear, a digitally printed dress in aquatic shades, silver, orange and black, animal skin textures, yellow bows that we saw at New Zealand Fashion Week and they were the only collection to present menswear.

See you at tomorrows show Snapstar fans


Bianca dressed by and Ketz-ke
Bianca's hair and makeup by Media Makeup 

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